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* Bear *

Big Ass Bear Stew

* Beaver *

Beaver Chili
Beaver Stew
Beaver Tail Soup

* Deer *

Beverly's Vegetable Deer Soup
Charlie's Venison Soup
Corrie's Deer Soup with Noodles
Deer Organ Stew
Deer Stew
Easy Family Chili
Good Ol' Deer Soup
Italian Deer Stew
Low Sodium Deer Chili
Machinegun Mike's Deer Chili
South Texas Chili
Taco Soup
Taco Soup
Venison Barley Soup
Venison Burger Soup
Venison Chili
Venison Stew
Venison Vegetable Soup
Wash Day Stew
Wild Bill's Wild Chili

* Dove *

Southern Sunday Dove Stew



* Duck *

Bomb Diggity Duck Soup
Duck Chili
Wild Duck Gumbo

* Elk *

Cabin Dan's Chili
Wild Game Chili

* Fish *

Catfish Creole
Crappie Gumbo
Lumber River Catfish Stew
Trout Chowder

* Frog *

Frog and Shrimp Gumbo

* Goose *

Canada Goose Stew
Dave's Goose Stew
Goose Stew
Rambo's Goose Chili
Snow Goose Stew

* Moose *

Blackbeard Stew
Cabin Dan's Chili

* Misc. *

Potato Soup
Spicy Potato Soup

* Rabbit *

Barney's Rabbit Stew
Buck's Rabbit Stew
Flood's Bean and Bunny Soup
Rabbit Stew
Rabbit Stew 2

* Raccoon *

Coon Stew
Mississippe Coon Stew

* Squirrel *

Camp Stew
Caroline's Squilli
Daddy's Squirrel Stew
Flatwoods Squirrel Stew
Hot & Spicy Squirrel Stew
Southern Squirrel Stew
Split Pea And Squirrel Soup
Squirrel Chili Stew
Squirrel Stew
Squirrel Stew Too

* Turkey *

Turkey Chowder
Wild Turkey Gumbo

* Turtle *

April's Turtle Soup
Steve's Turtle Soup
Turtle Soup

* Wild Hog *

Crock Pot Wild Hog Chili

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