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Drunk Chicken
Submitted by Clyde Hutchinson of Illinois.
According to Jim Batterton, they call this "Beer Butt Chicken" in Arkansas.
Cook A Chicken

~ 1 whole chicken
~ 1 tsp. cayenne pepper
~ black pepper to taste
~ favorite season-all to taste
~ 1  4 oz. bottle Zatarans Crawfish Boil. (Get this at most grocery stores in the seafood section.)
~ 1 can of beer for cooking. (More to drink.)

Drink half can of beer. Pour the 4 oz bottle of Zatarans into the remaining beer. Mix lightly together. Punch a couple of more holes in the top of the can and/or on the sides just under the rim.

Mix the black pepper, cayenne pepper and season-all together in a bowl.

Rub the spices all over the chicken, inside and out.

Hold the chicken upright, legs pointed down, and place the can of beer/Zatarans up into the cavity of the chicken.

Set the chicken so that it stands up on the grill. Do not place directly over the heat, but rather off to the side of a hot charcoal fire.

Cook 2 - 4 hours, adding more charcoal as needed, until you can easily pull the small leg off the chicken or check with a meat thermometer for proper done temperature.

Serve & Enjoy!

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