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December 2004 Crazy Captions
Crazy Caption Photo
"Don't Mess With Me!"
~ "How'd I get here again?" Curtis
~ "Teriyaki duck always seems to make me a lil' gassy... whoops..there went another one!...woooo-ee!" Sassy Sally
~ "Friends don't let friends cook while sleepwalking." Rough Red-Kneck K
~ "Did I say it was ready?! Now leave me alone or you'll be wearing your breakfast!" Lisa E.
~ "Don't make me open a can whoop ass on you! You know I'll do it!" Paul F.
~ "I got this cooking thing almost down. A couple more days and I can take on Iron Chef 'Country Style'." Andre T.

~ "Justin Wilson drinks wine when he cooks, is two bottles enough?" Jim R.
~ "Pancakes? I got your pancakes right here slick! Ya wanna wear 'em?!" Dave T.
~ "Hey Dad! It reminds me that Yogi Bear Cartoon Show is on! Did you know that moose season is on today, hah?" Jimmy The Cook
~ "I heard that duck hunting season has been called off for now folks. Alas! Well, settle for some Fruit Loops, huh?" Jazzy
~ "I'm cooking! Leave me alone!" Drew K.
~ "Need coffee!" The Kid
Crazy Caption Photo
"Don't Mess With Me!"

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