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November 2004 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"What Do You Want?"
~ "(Sesame Street Count) Now let me see, there is ONE, ONE of you, TWO, TWO of you, THREE, THREE of you, wait a minute how many eyes do I have." Elba
~ "I can't get any reception with these antennas." Carl B.
~ "Whatta mean a little more to the left? Man, I hope you fix the antenna on your TV soon. I'm tired of sitting up here just so you can watch reruns of 'Honey West.' Dave T.
~ "After last night... Who are you calling "Bug" eyed?" CLU
~ "Would you like to be my honey?" Jazzy
~ "Anyone want to buzz around with me?" Jimmy The Cook

~ "(count draculas pronunciation) Be afraid...Be veeery afraid." Elba
~ (singing) "Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees..." Mike T.
~ "C'mon, hike the damn ball!" Jim R.
~ "Buzz Off!!!!!" George R.
~ "Trust me. I was that close to stinging his rear end, but he swatted me and look what it did to my left leg." Dave T.
~ "Greetings folks! Don't 'cha wish everyone to Bee like me in this world, huh?" Jazzy
Crazy Caption Photo
"What Do You Want?"

Crazy Caption Photo
"What Do You Want?"
~ "Ya put yer right foot in, ya put yer right foot out...." Dave W.
~ "Like my coat?....its Mink." Ryan S.
~ "Yes my fellow workers, it is an invisible stinger. They'll never know what hit them." Davie
~ "Because I'm the queen bee thats why!" Lisa D.
~ "Oh goodie goodie, nectar ala Daisy!" Dave T.
~ "Don't make me sting your nosy ass." Ron G.
~ "Oh Chief, would you believe...I missed the hive by 'that much'". Andrea T.
~ "Want a piece of me? Well bring it on!" Calvin H.

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