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January 2005 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"It's A Living."
~ "Somehow I think the bear-rug look doesn't work for me. I guess you do need arms for it to work." Dave T.
~ "You can go and find your own gopher hole, this one is taken!" Jeffro C.
~ "Do tsunamis affect frozen regions?" Rajan
~ "It`s my first time being at a nude beach." Tony L.
~ "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!" Rocky G.
~ "Its mine! All mine!" Tony L.
~ "That's it, just a little closer and then CHOMP!" Dianne F.
~ "Gotta warm em up somehow." Wilma P.

~ "I hate it when your belly fur freezes to the tundra!" Dave
~ "Anyone wanna give me an belly rub, huh?" Jazzy
~ "Got Rolaids?" Jim R.
~ "Twas the day after Christmas, Not a polar bear moved......" Stephanie B.
~ "You'd look like this too if you lived on iceburgs and only saw tundra all day." Jim R.
~ "I think I've overeaten during the holidays! I hope someone 'burps' me!" Jimmy The Cook
Crazy Caption Photo
"It's A Living."

Crazy Caption Photo
"It's A Living."
~ "I need a break -I'm just tired of all those holiday Coke commercials" Frank
~ "It's gotta be down here in the mud somewhere. I hate loosing contacts!" Dave T.
~ "Let's spoon." Don K.
~ "Aren't I cute?" J The B
~ "All I need is a picnic basket or a picnicker. Either way, I'm going to eat." Phil McCracken

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