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Crazy Captions
This feature is no longer in service. You can enjoy past Crazy Captions by clicking here.

Crazy Caption Photo
"This Could Be A Good Look For Me."
~ "Man what was in that drink?" Dennis
~ "Talk about chasing your own tail." Barry
~ "Lost weight big time with the new yoga course!" Jonah UK
~ "Give me back that backstrap, give that strap." Mickey
~ "Seems like I've been here a month." Ed I. Tor
~ "I've had better days." Nat
~ "I haven't felt like myself lately. I feel like there's something missing in my life." Lonnie S.
~ "Bambi has been feeling low at the office lately. I think it's because he let's everyone walk all over him." Bongo
~ "I see nothing funny about my situation!" Lisa G.
~ "Look mom, no hands!" Ronbo

~ "Ruined my whole weekend!" Jeff R.
~ "Now to sleep this off in total hibernation. Doh! Waking up to hopefully turkey season." Bubba Smith
~ "Wow! Those dwarf deer can really grow some tall racks." Brenda L.
~ "When it came in the mail and was taken out of the box, Bambi's new 'Blow-up Deer Friend' didn't impress him. It looked much better on TV." Wayne
~ "To spy on the guests on Fantasy Island, Tatoo disguised himself as an animal." Dave
~ "Hey, I see my shadow. Going to be 6 more weeks of winter." Phil
~ "I lost 100 pounds on Nutri-System." Buck E.
Crazy Caption Photo
"This Could Be A Good Look For Me."

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