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December 2003 Crazy Captions
Crazy Caption Photo
"Help! He's Got Me!"
~ "Hey Brother, don't look back, there's a scary face back there!" MaryAnne D.
~ "Who's this old git with a plastic beard? It smells like Dad's gym bag!" Ms. Psml
~ "HELP! Someone call 911 he's touching me! I don't know if his glove are sterile!" MS
~ "I will not shoot my eye out if you bring me a BB gun." Tim
~ " I yelled. Please give me what I want for Christmas!" Beth
~ "It's Santa's Elves busy at work!" Jazzy
~ "Anyone got a hanky handy?" Jimmy The Cook

~ "This ain't the Easter Bunny!" Lynn
~ "Smile!" Jazzy
~ "Hey Sis, this is a first for me, and I'm not scared!" Stephanie B.
~ "I wish she would shut-up so I can tell Santa what I want for Christmas." Josh
~ "Save us from the 'Phantom Arm' Santa." Lonnie
~ "Smile for the camera. Oh crap, not another one." S. C.
Crazy Caption Photo
"Help! He's Got Me!"

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