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January 2004 Crazy Captions
Crazy Caption Photo
"Catfish And Beer, My Favorite Meal."
~ "After Bubba's accident, he drank catfish and ate fried beer cans. Actually, it was an improvement, too. No more DUI's, but his breath was terrible." C.D.B.
~ "Saturday night Karoke in Alabama." Steve K.
~ "Listen ya Bass - You must be a bit hard of Herring - I warned you what I'd do if I Cod you drinking my Bud again - and no Crappie excuses!!" George R.
~ "All my ex's live in Texas..." Christina
~ "I really feel sick after drinking all that beer hope the fish can hold it all!" Dyshora
~ "Here is Bubba showing off his winning form from the annual 'Catfish Eating Contest'. Go Bubba!" Henry

~ "No open mouth kissing! The neighbors are watching!" Judy G.
~ "This'll larn ya to try and bite me when I'm unhooking ya!" Stephanie B.
~ "This needs more salsa! The beer is for the aftertaste!" Jimmy The Cook
~ "They say smoked fish is the best, but I can't seem to keep them lit." Ben L.
~ "Hope his whiskers don't tickle going down." Kim R.
~ "How about them hushpuppies!" Fred E.
~ "Hey ya'll, watch me do CPR on this here fish!!" Dave D.
Crazy Caption Photo
"Catfish And Beer, My Favorite Meal."

Crazy Caption Photo
"Catfish And Beer, My Favorite Meal."
~ "Hey Bubba, watch this!!!" May L.
~ "Back home at the trailer park, Bubba shows his affection for his wife by drinking beer out the fish she caught, instead of champagne out of her slipper." Jim Bob
~ "Are you sure this is the way to eat sushi?" Gary G.
~ "You pour a little beer in the fish's mouth and drink." Mary Anne
~ "I'm so hungry I can't wait for you to cook them!" Phil McCracken
~ Ozzy Osborne has nothing on me!" Timbo
~ "I got 'em with 35 return empties and a Quaker Oats Boxtop!" Jazzy

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