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November 2003 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Take Us To your Leader."
~ "The kids did everything they could to not end up trying dad's latest venison recipe!" Dale
~ "Look at us ma, you said we needed masks." Ashley O.
~ "Getting close to Turkey day. That Butterball will never see you coming, with the new supermarket camo!" Chris
~ "Honey, did you unpack the groceries?" Rod
~ "Portable duck blinds. Convenient and light for the hunter on the go." Shawn
~ "Paper or plastic?" Judy

~ "The Unknown Comic had kids. What do ya' know." Paul
~ "Bag ladies are getting younger each year -- I think the one in blue is still in diapers!!" Stephanie B.
~ "Now all we got to do is paint these with a camo pattern and hit the woods." Ed V.
~ "It's just been announced that there is life on Mars! This is the actual footage from Land Rover GOOFUS!" Jimmy The Cook
~ "I told you, 'This ain't the right camo for the Piggly Wiggly.' They use plastic." Ed
Crazy Caption Photo
"Take Us To Your Leader"

Crazy Caption Photo
"Take Us To Your Leader"
~ "It's the Boogey Man's kids. Run!" Kelly
~ "They're The 1st place winners of Bag People from Pluto Community, Planet Pluto! How nice it is!" Jazzy
~ "I knew Dad was a tight ass, but he could have gotten better Halloween costumes then this!" Rod
~ "Aren't you scared?" Sam
~ "Look Daddy, Iraqi flack jackets." Sham Man

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