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December 2002 Crazy Caption Photo

Crazy Caption Photo
~ "I can't hold it any longer."  Jim M.
~ "Uh-oh, I hope the scent of flagulance dont spoil their romantic moment!"  Jed
~ "Oh jeez! What would Jack Buck say?"  Ricki G.
~ "I hope they don't show this on the Jumbotron!"  Charlie
~ "Ugh -- I remember eating a toffee that stuck and ended up with a filling on it!!"  Stephanie B.
~ "I've asked her over and over to stop telling strangers about her magic teeth"  :)
~ "I hope she doesn't cook spaghetti again tonight."  Diane T
~ "She needs to learn how to hold her
own tongue."  Shannon M.

~ "Hmmmmm, how do I tell them the game isn't until tomorrow night?"  May L.
~ "He should've bought her her own hotdog."  Bud W.
~ "Here, let me adjust your teeth."  Greg M.
~ "By the smell around here,I would say they were eating that all day."   Darren M.
~ "Where's the beer man when you need him?"  Jim Bob
~ "USHER!!!!"   Dave R.
~ "It's bad enough I'm in the cheap seats, but I don't need to watch that!"  Phil McCracken
~ "There's no mushy stuff in baseball!"  Trudy L.
Crazy Caption Photo

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