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January 2003 Crazy Caption Photo

Crazy Caption Photo
"I Hope The Mind Doesn't Start Blowing."
~ "Man I really got to pee!" Dysphora
~ "I sure hope Mr. Worm comes up soon, cause if he don't ... well I just don't know what I'll do if I have to eat my other leg!!" Rob H.
~ "What the hell are you looking at? You never seen a bird before?" Ross
~ "Man, this crap is for the birds!!" Amy B.
~ "You said that hot sauce made your eyes water...look what it did to me!" Deb F.
~ "My name is I-Lean could you direct me to the
nearest IHOP?" Jerry T.
~ "I knew, I shouldn't have swallowed that rock!" Diane T.

~ "Microsoft's new mascot for "stand alone" software." Tom H.
~ "Ever do the Alligator Hokey Pokey? "Ya put yer left leg in, ya put yer left leg out, ya put yer left leg in and you shake it all ab... * GAWK!!! ARRRGHHHH!!!!" Ben L.
~ "...and now for a demonstration of bird yoga here is...." Mary Jane N.
~ "Hey, it could be worse, at least I've still got two wings"! Fred Flintstone
~ "The Sales Manual says "once you get your foot in the door you have it made".... yeah, right!!!" Ben L.
~ "Life's a beach, and then you die." Russel K.
~ "Shut the hell up! Can't anyone get some shut eye around here. grrrrrr... James C.
Crazy Caption Photo
"I Hope the Wind Doesn't Start Blowing"

Crazy Caption Photo
"I Hope the Wind Doesn't Start Blowing"
~ "Gee, that's the last time I mix that much beer and sauerkraut!" Frank G.
~ "I'm going to have my work cut out for me later at the ass kicking contest." Pookie
~ "...and in this corner weighing in at one pound two ounces....the reigning hopscotch champion of the beach, Hoppy (Bubba) Neuyer!" May L.
~ "My name? My friends call me Lucky." Fred B.
~ "Move along, nothing to see here!" Elisha G.
~ "And now my impersonation of a flamingo." Rocky
~ "Damn that Colonel Sanders!" Phil McCracken

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