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November 2002 Crazy Caption Photo

Crazy Caption Photo
"The Mighty Hunter"
~ "This sure is a hot trail, I wish that cameraman would quit snortin' and scratchin' his head!"  GrassDG
~ "It might be fun down there, but here it's freeeeeeeezing!"  Stephanie B.
~ "I got up at 4am for this!?"  Judy F.
~ "Isss ittt sssoouuuppp yettt???"  May L.
~ "I'm glad I brought along this electric blanket."  Ron G.
~ "I'm soooo cold!"  Me
~ "What the heck am I doing here!?"  Phil McCracken

~ " So do I get a gun or what?!"  B. Dover
~ "A skidish Ned Bailey hides from his pursuers!!!"  Tom
~ "Shhhhh I'm hiding from the deer. He'll walk by and then POW!!! I'll blast him!"  Jason
~ "Hey sexy!"  Lizzy
~ "Can we go home now?"  Sammy M.
~ "Next year I'm goin to the craft show with mom I tell ya..."  Ben L.
~ "And this is what Dad waits for all year -Deer Hunting!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR"  Randi G.
Crazy Caption Photo
"The Mighty Hunter"

Crazy Caption Photo
"The Mighty Hunter"
~ "The 'Bachelor' hides from the women he dumped."  Karen G.
~ "Go ahead, stick your tongue to your gun. I triple
dog dare ya'"  Scott F.
~ "My little brother better not be playing my games."  Wilmer S.
~ "When are the deer coming by so we can go home?"  Dave R.
~ "If I wasn't frozen to this chair I'd stick that camera where the sun don't shine!"  Jim Bob

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