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October 2003 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Why Did You Wake Me Up?"
~ "Where is my hairbrush? Anyone seen it? Anyone?" Chloe
~ "It's just not fair." Mandy
~ "I am worthless until I've had my first cup of milk in the morning." Linda H.
~ "I'm up and I'm having a BAD HAIR DAY!!!" Judy
~ "Go away, NOW!!" Sham Man
~ "Time to go hunting yet, Dad?" Terry B.
~ "Look Dad, if we ain't going huntin' today, you are in real trouble!" Roger

~ "Don't even come in here without a bottle!" Otto
~ "Well you see my mess on the top! ugh Now do you want to see my mess on the bottom?" Warstic
~ "Got milk?" Curt M.
~ "You want some of this? Well come and get it." George
~ "I hate it when I get pillow hair." Kimberly
~ "I don't do mornings very well." Mary
~ "If you think I look bad, wait till I'm finished with you guys." C V
Crazy Caption Photo
"Why Did You Wake Me Up?"

Crazy Caption Photo
"Why Did You Wake Me Up?"
~ "I'm telling you, there was only milk in the bottle!" Stephanie B.
~ "Oh man. I knew I shouldn't of had that second bottle last night." Shawn H.
~ "Hey! Who turned up the stereo to play Barney CD's at this hour!" Jazzy
~ "Will someone turn off that @#%^$* alarm clock!" Sam
~ "Wow, What a dream!" Toddler
~ "What's all that racket?" P. Hugh
~ "Some mornings I wake up grumpy. Other mornings I let Mommy sleep." Red

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