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October 2002 Crazy Caption Photo

Crazy Caption Photo
"I See Dead People!"
~ "As I stare into your eyes oh great toilet, I swear to never drink Lite Beer again."  Rainman
~ "I gotta throw up!"  Rick L.
~ "Ahh man, I knew I shouldn't of had any of that squirrel in cream sauce."  Greg M.
~ "Mom, why didn't John use toilet spray again?"  Stephanie
~ "Stuff me back in the womb!"  Jason H.
~ "How long did you say this stuff has bin in here?" Shane T.
~ "SURPRISE!"  Sally P.

~ "I'm gonna hold my breath until you get me my own horsey...!!"  May L.
~ "Move, or I'll spit on you!"  Diane T.
~ "Stand back! I'm going to heave!"  Steph B.
~ "What's that smell?"  Emma Lou
~ "Put the seat down, put the seat up, put the seat down.. I wish she'd make up her mind."  Ben L.
~ "May I have another jawbreaker?"  Diane T.
~ "Hey, the flash works."  Fred B.
~ "What happens when you press this button? Oh!"  Kid
~ "Can you see my brain?"  Phil McCracken
Crazy Caption Photo
"I See Dead People!"

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