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September 2002 Crazy Caption Photo

Crazy Caption Photo
"Stand Back! Or I'll Jump!"
~ "Look out below!"  Mike B.
~ "Has anyone seen Bullwinkle?"  Andie L.
~ "Quit shaking the tree! Do ya want me to fall?"  Rocky J.
~ "Don't get nosey bub!"  Lynn E.
~ "So, you hear the one about the chipmunk and the possum?"  Ben L.
~ "Just don't stand there, get a ladder!"  Otto Matic
~ "Hey you with the camera! Mind your own business!"  Me
~ "Can't a person have a little privacy?"  Dirk P.

~ "Whatcha ya doin? Can I help, please."  Dan H.
~ "Okay, I got a grip! Now what?"  Diane T.
~ "Wanna have a staring contest?"  Karen
~ "Mom warned me about guys like you!"  Dave B.
~ "Do people stare at you when you're doing exercises?"  Stephanie B.
~ "Get that pot and those dumplin's away from me!"  Cat
~ "Oops! You scared the poop outta me."  Deb B.
~ "Hey, did you see where that nut landed?"  Diana S.
Crazy Caption Photo
"Stand Back Or I'll Jump!"

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