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October 2001 Crazy Captions

October Crazy Caption Photo
"Can you come out to play?"
~ "Audition line for the new Aflac Insurance spokesduck." Jason B.
~ "Oh no! I knew Marge shouldn't have bought that new 12 gauge! Hide everyone!" Aaron F.
~ "We've waited 20 minutes already - how much longer?" Stephanie B.
~ "Hey Marge, I can't see the difference, can you see the difference?" Ed B.
~ "Told you she had big honkers!" Shane M.
~ "Trick or Treat." John F.
~ "No, Harry, I said, 'When are you going to bring over the 5 BUCKS you owe me?'" Mark H.
~ "OK guys, now we ring the bell and run." Tom K.
~ "Move out of the way, we can't see the TV!" Rocko
~ "What's for supper?" Katie B.
~ "Hey! What are you doing in there?" Fred F.
~ "Man, those halloween costumes get crazier every year!" Phil McCracken
~ "Oh no! They've got Herbie!" Hugh M.
October Crazy Caption Photo
"Can you come out to play?"

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