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November 2001 Crazy Captions

November Crazy Caption Photo
~ "How dare you blame that awful stench on me!!!" Carol.
~ "Wwwhats Up!!!" CB Lynn
~ "I HATE tofu!" John M.
~ "Knock that crap off!" James B.
~ "Wow! That was some good stuff." Jane D.
~ "Hey! You do you got to know around here to get something to eat." Me
~ "I'm going to get mad!" Charlie S.
~ "QUIET!!" George T.
~ "Mom! They're doing it again!" Lisa L.
~ "What am I supposed to do? Gum it to death?" Aaron F.
~ "Plug it in! Plug it in!" Aaron F.
~ "I'm the baby, gotta love me!"Steve A.
~ "Stink bait has nothing on me." Jae
~ "Huh oh! Are farts supposed to be lumpy?" Hugh M.
~ "Hey, give me some food!" Katie B.
~ "No, not peas!" John F.
~ "What! You spent my inheritance on a new gun!" Phil McCracken
November Crazy Caption Photo

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