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September 2001 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Redneck Deer Camp"
~ "Hey Tarzan"....."Yea Jane?" Susan T.
~ "Maybe if we stay still they won't see us." Ed B.
~ "I ain't skierd of dim snakes." Raymond M.
~ "Now I don't want to hear any more complaints about not having a carport, dear. Just be careful backing out!" Cris D.
~ "I hope a deer don't come along while I'm on the toilet!" Hugh M.
~ "This is what I call a condomminium."
"Hey I got some time shares for sale!" Rick L.
~ "They musta thought this was Africa, but thar ain't no wild lions or snakes or gators down thar." Stephanie B.
~ "Joe Bob's Ark" Nicole S.
~ "They told me it would settle. So what if it was 10 years ago!" Bob K.
Crazy Caption Photo
"Redneck Deer Camp"
Redneck Deer Camp
"Redneck Deer Camp"
~ "But Beulah, you said you wanted a hi rise!"
Jerry R.
~ "Allright Gomer it's up. Now what did you do with the lug wrench?" Shane M.
~ "Watch that first step!"Mark
~ "Hey Bubba you ain't gonna b'lieve dis somebody dun an stole R tars ofen R trailer house." Jason
~ "I'm going to put the camo on next week." Sam E.
~ "What in the world was I thinking?"  Jim H.
~ "Now that there's what you call a high rise mobile home." Phil McCracken
~ "I hope it don't rain 40 days!" John Q.
Redneck Deer Camp
"Redneck Deer Camp"

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