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August 2002 Crazy Caption Photo

Crazy Caption Photo
"Takes Two to Tango"
~ " In fear of losing the boxing match, Mike tries to bite off his opponent's ear."  Matt
~ "I fancy a love bite don't you?"  Jenny
~ " Okay, let's try it again. And don't step on
my feet this time!"  Pauline
~ "Hold still and I'll get this tick out of your ear."  Rocky
~ "Stop it! I'm not that kind of girl" Barb B.
~ "* Polar Pickpocket *"  Ben L.
~ "Hey, it's my turn to lead!"  Jason B.
~ "Eeeeek! It's a lemming..."  May L.
~ "The rhythm of the sea is good, but music would
be even better!!"  Stephanie B.
~ " I miss you beary much."  Lee M.

~ "Hey no ear biting allowed in this match."  Lauren
~ "Tickle, Tickle, Tickle..."  Russ M.
~ "We have to keep practicing to be ready for the WWF Smack Down!"  Leroy B.
~ "One, two, three, step, now spin and One, two, three, doing great!!"  Sharon P.
~ "Your so light on your feet Im glad I let you lead."  Dysphora
~ "You have very bad breath. What have you
been eating?"  Lisa S.
~ "Come on, give us a hug."  Al G.
~ "Marsha! John! Ooohh"  Me
~ "That was my fish Herbie! Was Not!"  Phil McCracken
Crazy Caption Photo
"Takes Two to Tango"

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