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August 2001 Crazy Captions

August Crazy Caption
"Kiss Me You Fool!"
~ "Don't get fresh with me buster!" Jack M.
~ "Not in front of the kids!" Jim Bob
~ "You humans just don't have a clue!" Doug L.
~ "People will say we're in love!" Stephanie B.
~ "If it smells like fish, it's a gourmet dish. If it smells like cologne leave it alone." David B.
~ "Every time feels like the first time.Feel the love." Kelly P.
~ "Tonight on pay per view see "The Attack of the Killer Groupers". Only $14.95 per view." David B.

~ "Now go back and get your grandpa, OK?" John F.
~ "Oh your moustache tickles!" Katie B.
~ "Who's your Daddy?" Shane M.
~ "No! I'm not kissing you Ken!" Ken K.
~ "Man, what have you been eating?" Hugh M.
~ "I'm sorry. I don't kiss on the first date."
Phil McCracken
~ "Remember, No tongues now!!" George R.
~ "I'm so lonely!" John H.
~ "Something smells fishy!" Suzy Q.
August Crazy Captions
"Kiss Me You Fool!"

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