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August 2004 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"I Hope This New Camo Is Working."
~ "A cougar! I need to get my arse up in that tree!" David D.
~ "Hey , Bub ! If your hunting for Bullwinkle, ahem? I'm Daffy Duck see you next year, heh, heh!!!" Timber Dan & Dale.
~ "Wrong, I'm not Bambi." David d.
~ "If a moose takes up most of your camera lens, you are probably too close." Robert R.

~ "Does a bear @&%* in the woods?!? I don't know but I do, and that poison sumac that I wiped with last time REALLY didn't help the hemmoroids any. Whats this? A human! Is there NO privacy left anymore? I wonder if he has any of that Backwoods Chili Mix with him?" Brian F.
~ "Little does anybody know that I am the largest bear in the woods dressed in this moose getup and after this guy snaps his photo I am going to eat, eat and eat." Robert R.
~ "Hey buddy, you know what you can do with that moose call..." Andrea T.
~ "Pssst... hey buddy. Want to buy some deer lure?" Kim L.
Crazy Caption Photo
"I Hope This New Camo Is Working."

Crazy Caption Photo
"I Hope This New Camo Is Working."
~ "What the....10 minutes, is that too much to ask for?" Shelly
~ "Where's the Charmin when you really need it?!" Dave T.
~ "I sure hope this isn't poison ivy I'm squatting in." Denise K.
~ "'Found you'........Now its my turn to hide." John J.
~ "You have to be extra quiet when sneaking up on humans." Moose
~ "Be a tree? What does that mean?" Freddie G.
~ "Rocky? Is that you?" Dave T.

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