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September 2004 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Can't Believe I Made It Out"
~ "Are you sure that this is how John Basedow got those 6-pack Abs!?" Dave T.
~ "NOOOOOO, don't leave me, I love you!" David W.
~ "Whoa! What's that smell!" Carol B.
~ "Hey! Who pushed me?! I didn't do it." Lionel T.
~ "Take your rattle out of there now!" Kevin B.
~ "I'm tired of your whining! Talk to the butt, Bro!" Dave T.
~ "We's gonna do what? ffffiisshhhiiinng?! We'll watch Sesame Street and go for an hamburgah by Granma!" Jazzy
~ "Someone please change that kid, PU!!" Randy B.

~ "Well sneak up on the TV and watch some toons that are on, huh?!" Jazzy
~ "Ahh my freakin' head!!" J.P.
~ "I think I've seen enough of the political conventions coverage..." Andrea T.
~ "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!" Bev J.
~ "Nap, need nap, I need a naaaaaazzzzzzz..." Dave T.
~ "Take me with -- you promised you wouldn't leave me!" Stepanie B.
~ "I'm leaving before mom gets here." Fred E.
~ "See sis. I told you that would happen if you didn't stay out of dad's beer." Phil McCracken
Crazy Caption Photo
"Can't Believe I Made It Out"

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