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August 2004 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Just A Little Further!"
~ "Ugh..on..a..diet...got..to..resist..got to..look..away" Ambie
~ "I learned this from the little boy in the house when he had his hand in the cookie jar." Brian F.
~ "Hey lady, you said you wanted the sofa where?" Ron F.
~ "ACME House Moving, bolt the furniture down we're ready to move the house." Ron F.
~ "Hurry up man! The cops are coming!" Terry S.
~ "Blahhh!!! Bird seed again.." Brandon S.

~ "I really feel funny seranading this girl, hope her dad doesn't hear!" Dysphora
~ "Its Jo Jo the circus squirrel!" Greg B.
~ "First floor, shoes, nuts and...." David D.
~ "Who's the wise guy that super glued the damn twig?!" Tayler
~ " Hey, Guy! I hope you got me centered rightly before the camera?!" Jimmy The Cook
~ "WWWHHHHHEEEEEEE Up we go - these pole vaulting lessons are paying off - just have to watch my nuts!" George R.
Crazy Caption Photo
"Just A Little Further!"

Crazy Caption Photo
"Just A Little Further!"
~ "Heh, heh, that's a lot of nuts in there!" Jason T.
~ "I told you we shouldn't of let your mother book our honeymoon!" Gina J.
~ "I hope that those cheapskates put something in there this time!" Jazzy
~ "Let's see here. Yup. 5' 2" on the nose." Dave T.
~ "Hmm, I know they're building smaller houses now, but this is ridiculous!" Stephanie B.
~ "Hope those pesky woodpeckers don't show up now." Phil McCracken
~ "I'm glad they didn't grease this pole." Mike E.

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