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July 2002 Crazy Caption Photo

Crazy Caption Photo
"Did You Hear Something?"
~ "I'm feeling a little horny!"  Deb
~ "Do you think Santa's eyesight's failing? He called me 'Dancer'!"  Stephanie B.
~ "Love your new lipstick Mary!"  Me
~ "Heeeeyyyyy, nice rack."  Mike R.
~ "Ted Nugent called. He wants his arrow back."  Debby
~ "Mines bigger than yours."  Pete T.
~ "James, I think we're being followed!"  Bill E.

~ "Hey Herbie, did ya hear the one about the bear and the rabbit?"  Jim Bob
~ "Whatcha doing?"  Kirk D.
~ "Look at that sweet thing over there!"  Diana G.
~ "Look normal Sam, its them Japanese tourists again." Beau
~ "Hey, look at that guy with the funky orange vest on. Cool!"  Dirk P.
~ "I need help! I've got a $100 a day habit going."  Lisa S.
~ "Sooo, now what d'ya want to do?"  Phil McCracken
~ "What's that on your nose? Don't tell you've been in the sugar again?"  Me
Crazy Caption Photo
"Did You Hear Something?"

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