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July 2001 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption
"Why Dads shouldn't give the baby a bath."
~ " I'm all washed up."Robert O.
~ "I've heard of killing two birds with one stone, but this is taking it too far!" Stephanie
~ "I've heard of conserving water....but this is ridicules!"The Breeze
~ "Ok, so where's that fairy godmother now?"LaDonn
~"See honey I told you I'd make a good Mr. Mom."Suzee
~"Well we won't have to buy that dishwasher now!!!!!!" George R.
~"Boy I really wish mom and dad would come up with the money for that dishwasher soon, I'm getting all wrinkled." David
~"Guess this is what they call the sinking feeling!!!!" George
~"Okay, Okay - I'm washing up as fast as I can!!!" George
Crazy Caption
"Why Dads shouldn't give the baby a bath!"
Crazy Captions
"Why Dads shouldn't give the baby a bath!"
~"HEY!!!! I said, "I'm SITTING on the new couch." Rico
~"Whoa up, right there now! What's with that bottle brush behind your back?!?" Rico
~"Hey, hey, HEY!!! I didn't do anything! Jimbo poured the leftover spinach down my back, honest!" Rico
~"How in the heck is this going help my constipation?" Rico
~"I'll do the dishes, but I don't do windows!!!" Allen H.
~"That efficiency training is really paying off!" Rick S.
~"Let's see that list..bathe the baby, wash the dishes. Great. Finish this & I can hit the lake!" Robert L.
~"How can there be more water in here now than when I first put you in? Maybe the faucet leaks?" Karen U.
~ "I think I found that missing bottle nipple". Phil McCracken.
~ What are you waiting on? Get the sponge". Bobby O.
Crazy Captions!
"Why Dads shouldn't give the baby a bath!"

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