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June 2004 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"I'm Sooooooo Bored!"
~ "Just checking my eyelids for leaks." Ross M.
~ "Don't sleep with your mouth open on the terrace." Kumar
~ "I told him not to stay up all night coon hunting." Sammy
~ "Hey! Who turned out the lights?!" David DeW.
~ "You're right, I can hear the ocean." Dave T.
~ "....as sugar plum fairies danced in his head." Ricki C.
~ "No goose butter in my eyes this year." Jim R.
~ "Its duck season, but those darn seagulls got the drop on me again!" Ducks Gone South

~ "I wasn't sleeping, my eyes were cold!" Jim R.
~ "Are you sure this is the way the Conservation Dept. does their field sobriety test?" Brian F.
~ "OK, here comes the deer! Now don't move a muscle." Tim McB.
~ "Wake me when there's some action." The Kid
~ "Against sound advise, Chester bravely sleeps with his mouth open during bird migrating season." Phil McCracken
Crazy Caption Photo
"I'm Sooooooo Bored!"

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