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June 2001 Crazy Captions

Crazy Captions
"Take me to your leader"
~"Stop looking at me, you got the bug eyes." Joe T.
~"Hey, that critter done made a beeline to the feline." Mark H.
~"I tot I saw a Putty Cat.!!!! I did, I did saw a Putty Cat!!"
George R.
~"Listen cat, your really beginning to annoy me. One more step
and you're history, GOT IT!!" Mandy R.
~"I spy with my little eye something beginning with F!!" G.R.
~"You have zzzzzmost beautiful eyzzzzz!" Sadie D.
~"Now you be VERY careful with that fly swatter!!!!" George R.
~"The optician was right, these new contact lenses do make
everything seem closer!!!!" George R.
~"What'zzz up!" Allen H.
~"You are getting verrrryyyyyy sleepy" Sylvia N.
~"Wow" Mike B.
~"If I give you the money, will you leave me alone?" Joe T.
~"OK, I got im, quick, open the jar..." Ben L.
~"Oh, crap!" Rick L.
~"Ok, you've got my attention! Now what do you want?"
Mary C.
~"oh, cool,..these new urinals have a built in blowdryer."
Shane M.
Crazy Captions
"Take me to your leader".

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