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May 2004 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"See What I Got For My Birthday"
~ "Hey Ma! I found a new way to keep the lemonade out of the sun!" Buzz M.
~ "Look Ma!! I'm passing you up!" Tim McB.
~ "If you hide the water balloons here you can sneak up on the boys and really soak em!" Dysphora
~ "See why Mom's jealous." Mike C.
~ "Does this-here Wonda-Bra make my boobies look B-I-G?!!" Rochelle S.
~ "I'm just keeping abreast of any future developments!" George R.
~ "Now this is what you call a water bra!" Mrs. Phil McCracken

~ "I wish I was growing up instead of out." Lisa R.
~ "Bovine growth hormones worked for me, or is that hooked on phonics worked for me?" Marty
~ "Now I see why the other kids want me to play hide and seek and hopscotch." Chef Rick
~ "I am the next Pamela Anderson -- Its true!!" David W.
~ "Hey, everyone! Let's go fishing after breakfast! The last one, to pickup the fishing pole, is a Bullhead!" Jimmy the Cook
~ "Dolly, eat your heart out!!!" Brian F.
~ "Is it live or is it Memorex?" Kid Joe
~ "What the...?" Phil McCracken
Crazy Caption Photo
"See What I Got For My Birthday"

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