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May 2001 Crazy Captions

Cousin Eddies Travel Lodge
Got Tape?
~ "Just your average lil fix'r upp'r." Melissa J.
~ "Well, darling, I did mention my Boy Scout training - and their motto is "Be prepared"!!" Stephanie B.
~ "I reckon another 5000 rolls of tape should do it."
George R.
~ "Yes dear, It is worth $50,000. Duct tape? What duct tape? Ohhh...that's camoflage!!!" D.J.
~ "Wilbur! No one's gonna believe that's a picture of a UFO!"  Susie
~ "Look, Mabel, somebody used more tape than Nixon!" Mark H.
~ "Good thin' we bought that stock afore she started aleakin'. We'll be rollin' in dough!"  Travis L.
~ "Got Duct Tape, Will Travel!"  Allen H.
~ "You and me in my RV of love!"  Hugh M.
~ "Yep, got her winterized all right!"  Mary S.
~ "Honey, I got her fixed. She don't leak no more!"  Rick L.
My Dream Vacation Home!
Got Tape?

"Got Tape?"
~ "I don't know, Bob. I tried the Hundred mile an hour tape but I still can't get past 65mph.  Shane M.
~ "A moveable redneck deer stand."  Josh B.
~ "Honey, you'll never guess what happened when I tried to go through the drive-through."  Teresa S.
~ "Honey, the kids were playing with the roll of duct tape earlier, do you know where they left it?"  Ben L.

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