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April 2004 Crazy Captions
Crazy Caption Photo
"Quick! Take The Picture"
~ "If I stay completely still maybe they won't notice I'm drunk, >hiccup<." Ski Monster
~ "He's still leaving the hangers in his jumpers but Billy-Bobs getting alot better" Dave S.
~ "If I move my lips I'll mess up this whitening stuff on my teeth. And it tastes yucky." Judith C.
~ "See Mandy, I did brush my teeth this morning. I did, I did." Wendy V.

~ "I just know it, they're talking behind my back aren't they?" Ski Monster
~ "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." John D.
~ "Quick! Get that picture before I fall into that sinkhole!" Jazzy
~ "Now for my next impression - The leaning Tower of Pisa!!" George R.
~ "The next American Idol? NOT!" Carly B.
~ "Ignore the chick in the background!!" David W.
Crazy Caption Photo
"Quick! Take The Picture"

Crazy Caption Photo
"Quick! Take The Picture"
~ "Check my teeth shine!" Daivd de W.
~ "If I lean more to my left, I be the main focus of the picture. Yeaaa." Ken H
~ "What a ham!" Darlene H.
~ "If we ignore him, he'll go away." Fred E.
~ "Well there's something not out of the ordinary, a drunk Scotsman." Phil McCracken

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