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April 2001 Crazy Captions

"Redneck Tree Stand"
~"Oh No!!! Firestone stilts" Ben L.
~"I just don't think these high rise apartments are all they are cracked up to be..." Ben L.
~"Well I got my spot. Where are you hunting, dad?" Josh B.
~"Let them try and hijack us now!" Stephanie B.
~"Ford's answer to the lunar module!" Glen B.
~"Bejing flight 1oh9'er this is Saddam,you are clear to land on runway 1/2" Ben L.
~You might be a redneck if........" Dave M.
~"Around here we don't waste anything, the motor is on my boat, the tires are on my 4 wheeler and me and the wife and youngens turned the bed and topper into a studio apartment." Dave M.
~"Honey, we better take it down soon. Billy Bob's gettin' jealous." Nicole S.
~"Aliens return abducted redneck love shack."
Mike K.
~"Darling, do you remember the present you bought me last year? Happy anniversary honey." D.J.M.
~"'Treestand hunting', N.Y. City Style." Shane M.
~"I told you Captain that we shouldn't have exceeded Warp Factor 5" George R.
~"Just like the good old days. When we gonna drive to the next spot, cousin?" Rick L.
~ "Beam me up Scotty" Ben L.
~"Poacher mobile" Glenn
~"I've heard of a pick-up truck but this is ridiculous!!!!" George R.
~"Luckily we locked the doors or they'd have taken them as well!!!!" George R.

"Redneck Tree Stand"

"Redneck Tree Stand"
~"Iraqi Air Force flight simulator." Mark H.
~"When my portable stand broke down---I turned her in to a permanent one..."  Captain Dumas W.
~"Honey, I bought a new truck and it was a sky high deal, half off!"  Ree Ree
~"I told ya Jim Bob if you're gonna hunt out of that truck you shoulda got the tinted windows." KTS
~"Only twelve more payments and it's all mine!" KTS
~"Man! I have got to get me one of those!" John L.
~"Last time I leave the truck parked in this neighborhood!" May L.
~"ya shoulda thought of that before we left!"  Ben L.
~"Junior! That's the last time you get to use the truck!" Bob Peters
~"Oh man!What a night! Where did I park my truck?" Rocko

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