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March 2003 Crazy Captions
Crazy Caption Photo
~ "Can you hold my ball while I pee?" Arash M
~ "Coach said I play better over here." Stoney R.
~ "Dad, gosh I really had to PEE!" John B.
~ "Where's the short yellow bus?" Dysphora
~ "Da which way did it go?" Dave D.
~ "Dad, I wanna go home." Gary D.
~ "Ready....Aim....Clear....BANG!!!" David W.

~ "What position is left-out?" Mike E.
~ "I thought I didn't need a helmet?" Yotaman
~ "I sure hope the pond is over those trees" Timmy S.
~ "You want me to do what?" Bob B.
~ "I thought we were going fishing?" Shelly T.
~ "Anybody got the ball that flew right past me?" Snazzy Jazzy
~ "Whatta ya mean I can't play?!" Pete E.
Crazy Caption Photo

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