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February 2004 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Do Not Disturb."
~ Poor little bugger, he's plum tuckered out." Ted E.
~ "It's been 2 days and he ain't run that coon up a tree yet." Tracy
~ "Bubba tries a new tactic for hunting doves by lying on the ground and playing possum." Lonnie R.
~ "Sleeping? Nah, waiting to shoot that critter when he comes up behind me -- by pulling the string" Stephanie B.

~ "Wake me when moose season begins!" Jimmy The Cook
~ "A corpse? No, a deer hit him in the twig and berries!" David W.
~ "Tell me when it's hunting or fishing going on here. It's time for some shuteye. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzz" Jazzy
~ "Wake me up when the doves start to fly." Ronnie G.
~ "Hunting? Heck I've gotta nurse this hangover." Dave T.
Crazy Caption Photo
"Do Not Disturb."

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