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February 2005 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Come On! Pick Up The Pace. Jeez!"
~ "Hey, I know I look good, but you don't have to look at my hiney all day." The Princess
~ "I'm leaving you now Amanda." Sam R.
~ "Alright! Who left the gum here?!" DWT
~ "...put your left foot out, put your left foot in and shake it all about. Do the Hokey Pokey....." Louie D.
~ "That's right. I lookin' for the man who shot my 'paw'!" DT
~ "What do you mean, only I can prevent forest fires? I thought that was your job." Diane B.

~ "Hey, no more wise cracks about going 'bare footed' outdoors, cause I just stepped on a beer can and man it hurts like crazy!" Davie
~ "Is it one step to the left and two steps back? I don't think this 'Bear Line Dancing' is going to catch on. It's too difficult." Dave T.
~ "I wish that darn snail would quit following me." Tony
~ "Does the IRS check up on us as well???" Stephanie B.
~ "Hey , Mr. Ranger Sir! You can go home now and watch Yogi Bear Cartoons ! I'll see that nobody steals any picnic baskets!!" Jazzy
Crazy Caption Photo
"Come On! Pick Up The Pace. Jeez!"

Crazy Caption Photo
"Come On! Pick Up The Pace. Jeez!"
~ "As a matter of fact it's true. Just watch where you step there." Dave T.
~ "Dang, I hate this job of checking for land mines!" Jim R.
~ "...and then the Witch said: 'I'm gonna turn you into a bear!' So I says, Bear-Shmare!" J H
~ "This way to the picnic baskets Boo Boo." Yogi B.
~ "Do you have to follow me everywhere?" Greg E.
~ "Where is that picnic basket I saw around here earlier?!" Golfers Got On Strike

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