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December 2005 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Is That A Smile, Or Is It Gas?"
~ "My name is Billy Joe Ray Bob Jimmy Jack, and I jes dranks a 12 pack!" J. Riggle
~ "You want some of this? Push me again and see what happens! I didn't think so." Judy G.
~ "Holy cow! The Rams are.....aahh never mind." Louie Lou
~ "Jessica's single again?" Calvin K.
~ "Is that Santa over there?" Greg E.
~ "Wow, she's new." Pat
~ "Life-like Plastic Blow-up Babies have come a long way." Dave T.

~ "Holy cow! I look like a monkey that just ate a tree of bananas!" Katrina L.
~ "How's about a big wet kiss?" Dave R.
~ "Good God the Bears are 9 and 3!" Steven C.
~ "Hiya, Gang! Santa anah famibly got me muh anah puppy for Christmas!" Jazzy
~ "I'm innocent man. I swear to God I am!" Phil McCracken
~ "I'm ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille." Kris K.
~ "I'm pooping." Fritz
Crazy Caption Photo
"Is That A Smile, Or Is It Gas?"

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