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November 2005 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Hmmmm, Candy."
~ "You wanna know the "Tooth" - these things suck!!" George R.
~ "After taking the Junior Survivalist School, Lil Homer was able to remove his own toncils with a crazy straw." DWT
~ "Thish Do-it-Yourshelf dentishtry ain't too bad - there goesh another one!!" Alex R.
~ "Is that a super hero cape you're wearin' or are you just happy to see me?" Rabbi Dean
~ "Hey....Bill Cosby was right...these puddin' pops ARE pretty tasty." Larry
~ "Marcel the midget took time away from the circus to get a shave and a hair cut and got a sucker for being a good boy." Paul G.

~ "~ "Billy was proof that "Dracula-Pops" didn't quite catch on." Dave
~ "Little Bubba lost count on how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop when he bit his tongue instead." Lisa E.
~ "This happens to be P.T. Barnum as an kid. He came up with this. That is, "There is an sucker born every minute!" Jazzy
~ "I hope that was the sucker making that crunching noise." Louie
~ "Looks like another mess for Mom to clean up to me." Phil McCracken
~ "HHMMMMMM!! Tastes like chicken!" David
Crazy Caption Photo
"Hmmmm, Candy."

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