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January 2006 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"I Think I'm In Love"
~ "The hunting in one county in California became so intense that the deer began to committ suicide rather that face a plethora of first time hunters. Dave T.
~ "Ya suppose to shoot the darn thing, not hang it" Charles N.
~ "Silverado; 25,000 dollars, Deer gun; 400 dollars, Hitting the deer without scratching the Silverado & breaking any bones; Priceless!" Gene S.
~ "Well at least Stan remembered to wipe the milk off her chin this time." Shawn H.
~ "Your is deer is hanging upside down." Charlie
~ "You meet another and phut, you wher gone." Dale
~ "Don't hang around dear(deer), I'm in a hurry" John D.

~ "I couldn't get my gun outta da case, so I beat him with it." Jim R.
~ "Yassir, got thisun at muh favorite top sekrut huntin spot next to the deer crossin sign." May L.
~ "Love at first sight." Rich
~ "When Jonathan deceided to leave his wife he sent her a "Deer Jon" photo from his Ohio hunting trip." Dave T.
~ "Bubba was happy as a pig in slop to be a finalist in this year's 'Miss Deer Camp' pageant." Donnie B.
~ "Why don't you two get a room?" Phil McCracken
~ "Have you seen him shoot? That's why I hung myself! He shot my blooming horns off the last time. Had a headache for a week. No suffering this time." Stoney
Crazy Caption Photo
"I Think I'm In Love"

Crazy Caption Photo
"I Think I'm In Love"
~ "Frank was feeling the effects of the giant Texas mushroom, a specimen of which can be seen over his left shoulder. DWT
~ "He shot the dog!" Dave H.
~ "Hey, Bubba! The dang thing walked in front of me and I bagged it! Anyways, it turns out it's Duck Season! Dang It!" Jimmy The Cook
~ "Doe - a deer, a female deer, Rae - a golden drop of sun, Mi - a name I call myself, Fa - a long long wayyyyyy to runnnn." Ben L.
~ "Maybe someday, I can get a gun fer this here case. Dang deer keep dentin' my truck." Jim R.

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