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November 2006 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Yup. There's A Cavity On That Molar"
~ "Humm, tastes kinda like chicken." Gary
~ "Extinct my ass!!" Jason C.
~ "What's the matter? Kid got your tongue?" DT
~ "As proven by this regergating raptor, the theroy that people taste good is false." Jim R.
~ "This is not the exit!" Caleb
~ "Yup. There's a cavity on all the teeth! No wait, that's dried blood!!" Ash

~ "I don't like this pet, can we bring him back to the store?" Pat H.
~ "Hey Louie! Do I have something stuck in my teeth?" Joanie
~ "Dino's version of: 'I have a frog in my throat'."Ben L.
~ "Doc Holliday learnt how to do dentristy on Dino Thuh Dinosaur!" Bubba Smith
~ "Little Sherman tries to recreate the Wall-Drug Pee-Wee Herman dinosaur scene on a small scale." Dave
~ "You stupid overgrown lizard! That's the last time I hand feed you hotdogs!" Phil McCracken
Crazy Caption Photo
"Yup. There's A Cavity On That Molar"

Crazy Caption Photo
"Yup. There's A Cavity On That Molar"
~ "Caleb applies the dreaded tongue pinch wrasslin submission hold... give up?" Ben L.
~ "Ok, I've found my shoe, now let's get out of here...before he gets really mad." Rachelyn
~ "I'm still not sure about this Tennessee Mountain School of Veterinary Dentistry Scholarship." May L.
~ "Acid reflux is a whole different thing in the reptile kingdom." DT
~ "OK, you've had a Kodak moment, now can you get me away from this beast?" Pete
~ "Say ahhh." Lonnie B.

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