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October 2006 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"I Caught 'Em All By Myself!"
~ "Pa said I could tell you this fish was mine Momma." Karl
~ "Its not the size that matters, its the fight in 'em." Bridgette
~ "As a child Andre "The Giant" loved fishing, but the pictures didn't do his catch justice." DWT
~ "Phil now knows what a Three-Mile Island "Small-Mouth" Bass looks like." Davy
~ "Quit fishin' in the minnow bucket and cast your line into the lake." Ben L.
~ "Get-R-Done." Sam
~ "Look Mom, mines bigger than Pa's. " Karl
~ "I've fished with minnows bigger than that!" Zed

~ "In his excitement, Buford used the wrong side of the tape measure and thought he had a keeper, but unfortunately it was measured in centimeters." Wayne
~ "Ya should have seen the one that got away." May L.
~ "Yes you did a good job of baiting up, now throw it in the lake." Brenda B.
~ "Max The Wonder Minnow, shows style in his famous "Dolphin" out of water jump, by breaking his own record of 3 1/2 feet." Dave T.
~ "I bought this doohickey fish trophy at TJ Maxx!" Bubba Smith
~ "He almost pulled me in, but I got the best of him." G. McGee
~ "Goin' ta get this one mounted!" Rocky
Crazy Caption Photo
"I Caught 'Em All By Myself!"

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