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December 2006 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Super Fan To The Rescue."
~ "I really don't care, 'Who's on first?' I hate that routine!" Dave T.
~ "There were so many Orioles that you couldn't shake a stick at them." Mike S.
~ "Hey Ollie, you nod your head and I'll hit it! Bog Lou
~ "I found out what that pain in your rear was." Twitch
~ "New for the winter TV line up, "MLB meets UFC, the fans vs the pros." DWT
~ "Hey Cletus! Ya just stay right thar so I can git that thar mosquitoe!" Wicked Sally

~ "Beavis And Butthead: The Live Action Movie in a theatre near you!" Bubba Smith
~ "Frank Smagullowitz's actions brought a quick end to the annual "Bat Night." Dave
~ "I hit him in the shoulder, but he didn't go down!" David F.
~ "During Game 4 an angry fan makes his way onto the field to show his displeasure over the 'dirty hand'." Rocko
~ "Throw it inside once more and I'll bean you!" Joe
Crazy Caption Photo
"Super Fan To The Rescue."

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