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September 2006 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Attack Of The Zombies"
~ "Yuh did what with mah fish???" Sandy M.
~ "I had that bear by the throat and was makin' this face at him and that's when he crapped himself and ran off never to be seen again." Matt
~ "If you think about it......you really do pinch a loaf." Snake
~ "How about a little smooch?" Bug
~ "I remember when Whopper hamburgers were this big, now they're the size of English muffins!" Davy T.
~ "Just git-r-done!" W. G. Poarch
~ "No more shots for him!" Fred E.

~ "Aurgh?! Where's muh aspirin for ah stubbed muh big toe agin, Angie?" Bubba Smith
~ "That's the last time I drink moonshine." Pat H.
~ "As I looked down the barrel of the robber's pistol, it was this big, or was it this big?" Davy
~ "Bubba frightened the local kids away with his Frankenstein impersonation." Rocko
~ "I'd help you out if it weren't for my arthritis." Phil McCracken
~ "Its alive!!" Pat H.
Crazy Caption Photo
"Attack Of The Zombies"

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