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September 2003 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Did I Do Something Wrong?"
~ "Lord have mercy!!"  The Deg
~ "Obviously the work of a "bi-partisan" commitee."  J D
~ "If you lift the nose just a little my spit won't hit your neck!"  Sham-Man
~ "What do you mean,'What do I do now?'?" Aren't YOU the instructor?"  Uncle Mot
~ "Can you hear me now?!"  Tonya
~ "Look Earl I see a squirrel! 'Let's go get some for stew tonight?' 'Ok BobbyJoe.'"  Warstic
~ "Hey! Do you have any air bags aboard this here plane?"  Barney At The Bar

~ "Ok, the landing strip is in sight and straight ahead."  Tisdale
~ "Hey you, pilot, WAKE UP!!!  Mark M.
~ "Hey, Kid, this is not a fairground ride!!"  Stephanie B.
~ "I don't think you're ready to solo just yet."  Greg E.
~ "Well, you said wait till the fuel prices come back down to fill up."  Ben L.
~ "You must be this tall = for this ride..."  May L.
Crazy Caption Photo
"Did I Do Something Wrong?"

Crazy Caption Photo
"Did I Do Something Wrong?"
~ "I hope this thing has air brakes!"  Igor
~ "Pull the lever! Wrong lever!!"  Kid Joe
~ "Hey! Sometimes my life is topsy turvy. I will spin for a while and put down the throttle before pulling up and landing. Then I do the costumary, the Throwups!  Pilot Boy - Jimmy The Cook
~ "I think you've got the hang of it. Now just let me pull us out of this dive!"  Jim Bob
~ "Huh, huh, huh. I always did wanta' fly me a aeroplane."  Flyboy

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