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June 2006 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"What To Go Back To My Place?"
~ "Ya know what Barb, you're just like all the other high-fashion girls, plastic! In fact, you even taste like plastic!" Davey
~ "A new massachusetts law legalizes this marriage?" Pat
~ "A less famous (and less successful) spinoff to the international television ensation "Baywatch"... "Hamster Watch"." Mark
~ "Hey Barbie, with this lent from your belly-button, I can finish my nest. You're welcome at my place anytime." R C
~ "Is that cheese I smell in your belly button, oh and by the way did you know you're an 'outie?'?" Twitch
~ "The actual size of the new Toyota sedan." Pat

~ "Quick, switch places! This cop is going to ask for my driver's license." Ben L.
~ "Hay!! Do you know how to drive this thing??" Beth
~ "Hey Barb, knock it off with the James Cagney routine, I'm not a 'dirty rat!'" Davey
~ "Get your paws off me you animal!" Devo
~ "Please don't tell Richard Gere that we're going out!" DWT
~ "Barbie suddenly doubted the wisdom of her decision to ride with the odd little furry man." Wendy
~ "I thought I smelled a rat when you called and asked me out!" Eddie R.
Crazy Caption Photo
"What To Go Back To My Place?"

Crazy Caption Photo
"What To Go Back To My Place?"
~ "I'm sorry. I don't run on the wheel on the first date." The Kid
~ "You are little furrier than all the other guys...but you'll do." Someone
~ "Humster Hammer is Nissan's new car to counter Hummer at the beach! You'll get free hamsters along with the car, while supplies last!" Bubba Smith
~ "Barbie was beginning to rethink her joining the 'Desert Rats' off roading club." Dave T.
~ "You're more fun to date than that rat Stuart Little." Harold
~ "You don't know a guy named Willard do you?" Rocko

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