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May 2006 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"What? Me Help Him?"
~ "Should I tell him his "deer" looks an awfully lot like our neighbor's goat?" David F.
~ "Polish gymnastic coaches Boski and Georgeski prepare their highly trained Springbok for the grueling floormat routine that begins with a triple somersault staring from the handstand position." Dave T.
~ "Yes! He's not looking!" Chris
~ "He thinks there'a a map of hidden treasure inside that stinkin thang!" Jim R.
~ "Well he said he was going to rip someone a new one." Geo R.

~ "Grandpa, just tell me where you hid the keys to the truck!" May L.
~ "I brought the TV that just needs a recharging to see Desperate Housewives!" Jazzy
~ "I thunk that Moose ate my coin purse and left me all my change around here!" Bubba Smith
~ "Why should I have to help? I let a bigger one go!" Tony C.
~ "Bubba shows off his winning secret in this years 'hide the Easter egg' contest." Ben L.
Crazy Caption Photo
"What? Me Help Him?"

Crazy Caption Photo
"What? Me Help Him?"
~ "I am not doing any of that nasty stuff. Your on your own pal!" Jessica
~ "He wants me to hold what!?!" Big John
~ "Ooh a camera!" Pat H.
~ "I can't watch this! I did this last time and nearly fainted!" Brian F.
~ "Now. You cut here first and then.....are you paying attention back there?" Fred H.
~ "Sneaky Pete was caught red-handed before he could administer the dreaded 'rear admiral' to his unsuspecting friend." Phil McCracken

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