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July 2005 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"I'm So Having A Good Time."
~ "Colin was pleased with himself. He'd found a surgery-free way to hide the things sprouting from his head, whilst still being stylish!" Danny Boy
~ "Enough with the magic tricks. Make me a balloon animal funny man!" Kimmi
~ "Did I pass out or did I come here like this?" Pat H.
~ "Jethro displays the aftermath of trying to use a Ginzu knife on his Birthday cake. Only the thumb remains." Davey
~ "I want one bourbon, one scotch and one beer." Dewey

~ "Francis tried and tried, but he just couldn't get the kinks out of his "Webcam Party For One" concept." Dave T.
~ "Are you sure this is Pepsi? I can't tell if I am a man or a woman." (person out of picture) "Don't worry. That is Pepsi. No one can tell if you are a man or a woman." Matt R.
~ "Big Billie still amazes his friends with the invisible beer mug trick." Dave T.
~ "Avoid fights party alone." Ed B.
Crazy Caption Photo
"I'm So Having A Good Time."

Crazy Caption Photo
"I'm So Having A Good Time."
~ "Let's hear it for 'Clarence The Clown' ladies and gentlemen!" Judy G.
~ "Rosie O'Donnel jumped out from the cake and gave me this silly party hat to be put on me by her, hmmm." Wickedly Jane
~ "When do we cut the cake?" Rocko
~ "This is the worst bachelor party ever. When do the strippers get here?" Phil McCracken

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