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April 2006 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Surfs Up Dude!"
~ "Sesame Street Suvivor" was not the runaway hit that the producers thought it would be." Davy
~ "Did Mark Spitz start this way?" Fred E.
~ "I told you I had to go." Sammantha
~ "Hey Mom! I think I broke my surfboard!" Emma Lou
~ "Gilligan's unknown daughter is still on the island." Pat H.
~ "Mom, I think I have to go to the bathroom." Kristy F.
~ "Mom! why's the water warm? I swear I went in the ports potty!" Chris H.
~ "Hey, Ma? Is H to 0 part of the alphabet to have water in here that can swim with me?" Bubba Smith

~ "Just cruisin' for dudes." Teddy
~ "The "Sesame Street Fear Factor/Survivor" T/V Series winner, Amber, proudly poses in the island's sand fill septic pit." Davy
~ "Oh let's 'ave a lil' swim shall we. OOO... Look a shark!" Becki
~ "Baywatch Jr. coming this summer to NBC." Pat H.
~ "It's bedtime, don't forget your pillow." Toots
~ "Suzie discovered that "Quicksand" is really not quick at all." Dave T.
~ "Look out shark!" Pat H.
~ "Hey bud, lets party!" Susie Q
~ "It's the Creature From The Black Lagoon!" Phil McCracken
Crazy Caption Photo
"Surfs Up Dude!"

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