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May 2005 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Taking 'Fly-Fishing' To New Heights"
~ "This here fishin thang jest ain't what it's quacked up to be!" Jim R.
~ "Dear DNR, My cuzzin Billy Bob has bin poachin' Aggin!! Ima turnin' him in for the reward munny so I can bail him out, get a new Jeff Foxworthy tape and a 30 pack of Milwaukee's Best. Please respond by Thirsty cuz we're hopin' to be bizzee Fridee. Yers truly, Clem" Leigh-Ann
~ "Leonard demonstrates the advantages of casting for altitude, rather than distance." Jim R.
~ " I'm sure ma can make a nice stew outta this here." Pat
~ "Alright, Jake?! I didna find any worms to catch with the bass! Anyways, I gotta use muh wife's lipstick as bait! Then I catch this!" Bubba Teasdale

~ "After many futile attempts of getting it to land as gently as a leaf on the water, Bubba gave up fly fishing and went after the gators." Brian F.
~ "I don't want to see what he's going to catch using bait like that!" Cassie K.
~ "Now I forget, do you measure 'em beak to tailfeathers, or wingtip to wingtip, to see if they're keepers?" Davy T.
~ "Is that a 'dry fly' or a 'wet fly'?" Judy G.
~ "Do I need a hunting license for this?" Fred B.
~ "Where are we fishing, the Canary Islands?" J The B
Crazy Caption Photo
"Taking 'Fly-Fishing' To New Heights"

Crazy Caption Photo
"Taking 'Fly-Fishing' To New Heights"
~ "WOAH! Got me sumhumdinger flyin' fish ova hea', WOOT!" Jazzy
~ "New "hybird" flying fish" Ross
~ "Fishing with Canaries - Made Easy For Dummies!" Bubba Smith
~ "Earl found the species of fish around "Three Mile Island" to be quite different." Davie
~ "Taste's just like chicken!" Dave T.
~ "We don't need none of that stinking steel shot around here!" Paul E.
~ "Those Rapala's catch about anything." Phil McCracken
~ "Frank wasn't sure about this new Catfish bait." David W.

~ "Howard was beginning to have concerns as to what he might now find in his lobster traps." Dave Twitchell
~ "I told you not to cast that high." Treasa E.
~ "Buy the newest fishing lure today! - "KETCHIT DUH FLYBY" - It's by Hasbro!" Jimmy The Cook
~ "Think this one is weird, ya shoulda seen the one that got away!" Twitch
~ "My shades are totally bad-ass." Wilson
~ "Walter always wondered what had ever become of his favorite Homing Pigeon 'Fluffy'." Wayne T.
~ "Can you tell me what the limit on these fish are?" Dysphora
Crazy Caption Photo
"Taking 'Fly-Fishing' To New Heights"

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