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June 2005 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Hurry Up! I Can't Hold This Note Forever!"
~ "Ooh Fuddgggeee!" Chuck B.
~ "Hey! Told you my hoot call works! Look at all these turkeys come to see me!" Stoney
~ "Has anyone seen where I left my teeth?" Stacey
~ "Hey, Kid! Did you think of taking up the KAZOO during intermission?!" Donnie Burgess
~ "Instead of grounding her, Judy's parents forced her to listen to old Lawrence Welk records for hours on end..." Davy
~ "OOOh, Glad I am wearing my Depends." Ron
~ "Budgie Baker warbles in: Duck Calls Fly By Night In Moonlight!" Jazzy
~ "Sheila sang: Tweet, Tweet! This is the Sparrow Song!" Jimmy The Cook

~ "No one has mentioned the fact that there is a monkey in the shot... I find this strange." Wilson
~ "OK, There's a monkey in the shot. How strange?" DWT
~ "I'm the next American Idol!!" Gina
~ "And then the Wicked Witch's Guards sang, 'Oreeee Oh, Orrrree Oh'" Wayne
~ "Thelma forgot that her new diaphragm Turkey call expands in water." Wayne
~ ""Ooooohhhh, I wish I was an....." David T.
~ "Oi vey, I think my eye is stuck like this." Phyllis
~ "But I didn't say fudge..." Dave
~ "Backstage on opening night, Freida was busy practicing her part in the play 'Bonzo Goes Bananas'" Rocko
Crazy Caption Photo
"Hurry Up! I Can't Hold This Note Forever!"

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