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April 2005 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"What? I'm Watching The Parade!"
~ "Pssst, I told 'em that it was Tiger Woods. But it's really a tiger in the woods!" Dave T.
~ "Hey babe, aren't I hot!" Katie G.
~ "Hey dumbie, it's a pole!" Mr. Goth
~ "Ain't she waving enough for us both?" Lisa H.
~ "You don't think I can push this over, do ya?" Bubba
~ "The tree or the bathroom, the tree or the bathroom!!" Christopher M.
~ "If this is just his leg, I wonder how many hands high this horse really is?" W T

~ "Young novice hunter Jason began to suspect that his guide had not placed their tree stand in the ideal location." Davie
~ "Phil found out, a little too late, why it was nicknamed a South American "Super Glue" tree. Wayne T.
~ "I said I wanted to watch some 'bird shooting,' not someone 'shooting Birdies!' This is a golf game you idiot!" Dave W.
~ "So this is the palm of Palm Beach fame!? How lame is that!" DWT
Crazy Caption Photo
"What? I'm Watching The Parade!"

Crazy Caption Photo
"What? I'm Watching The Parade!"
~ "I do not look like a young Greg Brady!" Dave T.
~ "Hockey fights happen between Intermission at: The Parking Lot! Clash Skate Rock vs. Wildman Crash is on now!Yyyyyaaawwwnnn!" Golfers Get An Strike
~ "I'm only gettin $2.50 an hour to hold this dang tree up for chubby here!" Jim R.
~ "When is Mickey Mouse coming by?" Phil McCracken
~ "Hey wait! This isn't a tree, it's an elephant's trunk! Dude!" Date Tee

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