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May 2003 Crazy Caption
Crazy Caption Photo
"I Told You, It's Mine!!!"
~ "Well, it seems to shake, rattle, and roll inside the gift package! You musta been good all year! Happy Birthday from all of us! This comes strictly from the heart." Tommy
~ "I'm hungry!"  Tristan H.
~ "For me? And all I really wanted for Christmas was my two front teeth."  Judy G.
~ "Huh oh! I'm caught!"  Dan G.
~ "Bah humbug!"  Harold K.
~ "Happy Days! It must be Elmo! What I always wanted!"  Jazzy

~ "What do you suppose this could be?"  Ducks Go South
~ "I told you to just send money!"  Timbo
~ "If you go fishing again tonight I'm taking this back and you won't have a christmas."  Bruce R.
~ "Oh jeez, it sounds like its broke. Mom is going to be mad."  Ricki L.
~ "Stand Back! Don't make me use this!"  Guy N.
~ "I hope it's not underwear again."  Justin C.
Crazy Caption Photo
"I Told You, It's Mine!!!"

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